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Welcome to Lindale Texas

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Welcome to the
Lindale, Texas Area

This Internet site is all about the Lindale, Texas, USA area. In addition to the City of Lindale, Tx; the area includes the communities of Hide-A-Way Lake, Red Springs, Sand Flat and Mount Sylvan. If your virtual visit is your only contact with our area, we hope that you will visit us in person in the very near future.

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One of the Area's Leading Organizations

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Lindale's Little Spot in Cyberspace

Our "Little Spot" in Cyberspace is very much like Lindale's slogan; "Good Country Living"; in that, here you will not find all the usual "bells and whistles" that you encounter daily in Cyberspace. What you will find is a collection of facts and figures about our area; it's Businesses and Professional People, it's Churches and Civic Organizations, and (most importantly) the People of our area.

You can let your "Youngsters" have full freedom on this site, since it contains NO Adult material; nor, are there any links to Adult sites, from within this site.

This site is deliberately not high-tech, which lets it be simple and quick to use. We favor text and graphics, over fancy buttons and the "ever-present, slow loading animated advertising banners"; since we realize that some of you may not have fast Internet connections and/or are still using "yesterday's technology" systems. The selection bars allow you to cruise around the site by moving your mouse across the top of the screen, in most instances. At the bottom of each page you will find links to related topics and central points like the Main Menu.


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Main Menu

The Lindale Texas Area On-Line Directory
    The Folks that bring you this Site!
®   Our Area's Homepage/E-Mail Directory!

Area Features:



OBRA SERVICES - Internet Div - Lindale Texas
      OBRA SERVICES - Internet Div.


Swann's Furniture Gallery


Unique Arts, by Sandy Presley
 Click above and enjoy - UNIQUE ARTS


Area Information:

Lindale Independent School District

        Classes of the Past - Lindale High School
                Find Your Old Classmates Here!

Other Area Groups:

Amateur Radio Operators
Local Directory of ARO's
Area 2mtr Nets List

Civic Organizations


East Texas CURRENT Weather Radar
        East Texas' CURRENT Weather Radar

Regional Weather Radar from NWS-DFW

"Local" Puts Lindale on the map in Iraq!
>>> Read his letter and see the pictures.Click here!<<<
>>> See 2nd Letter & More Pictures. Click here! <<<
>>> See 3rd Letter & More Pictures. Click here! <<<

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Zip Code:

Community Profile (Facts & Figures)
            Current Time, Temp. & Weather

The History of the Lindale Area

Geographical Information & Maps

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